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Multi-Purpose Tools & Scrapers


Extension Handles & Blades
Murphy "Stay Sharp" extension blades and handles are recommended where perfect results are required. Hardwood handles feature nickel-plated steel jaws and ferrules that securely lock the blade in place. Each blade, made from high carbon cutlery steel is ground with precision and hand honed for a lasting edge.

Extension handles available 4 1/4" long for use with all Extension Blades or 3 5/8" long for use with 17/64" wide Extension Blades.

Paint & Wood Scraper
Paint and Wood scraper blades have 2 sharpened edges and are angled to reach corners and indentations. Extra blades are sold separately - packed 12 to a box.
Handy Andy
The multi-purpose tool to scrape, pry, lift or chisel. Heavy steel, tempered and taper ground. A quality tool. Order Code: HANDY
Glass Cutting Tool
Single wheel of special alloy steel, extremely hard - will retain cutting edge. Highest quality tool for glass cutting jobs. Order Code: GLCUT
Glass Scraper
Sold with 2 single-edge razor blades. Blade retracts into nickel-plated handle. Single edge blades, bulk packed, sold separately, available 5/pack, 100/box or 1000/carton. Order Code for Scraper: CRB-2
Safety Utility Knife
4 blade positions operated by Safety Lock push button. Blades are heavy duty designed for home or shop use. Available in packs of 5 or boxes of 100. Order Code for Knife: 4STOP
Leather Sheath
Pocket Size 4 1/2" x 1"

Top grain leather belt sheath for use with 4" and 5" Rubber and Shoe knives. Order Code: 1LRSH
Leather Sheath
Pocket Size 8" x 1"

Top grain leather belt sheath for use with Long Rubber and Skiving knives. Order Code: 2LRSH
Leather Sheath
Pocket Size 4 1/4" x 2 1/4"

ALL-KRAFT Leather Sheath - top grain leather belt sheath for ALL-KRAFT tool. Also suitable for use with 3-WAYS and 4-STOP Utility Knives. Order Code: AKKLS
Leather Sheath
Pocket Size 4" x 3 1/2"

Top grain leather belt sheath for use with all Flooring and Roofing knives.

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