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Handicraft & School Knives

Murphy "Stay Sharp" knives have served generation after generation of craftsmen... wherever skilled hands require keen cutting tools for specialized or intricate work. Each knife is made from uniformly hardened and tempered high carbon cutlery steel, precision ground. Shaped hardwood handles.

Sloyd Knives
Ground from 15 ga. chrome vanadium steel with brown oval hardwood handles with closed ferrules. Available blade sizes:
1 3/4", 2 5/8", 3" and 3 1/4".

Manual Training Knife
17 ga., 2 5/8" blade, long bevel, cutting edge ground to a point; oval handle. For cutting or shaping.
Whittling Knife
17 ga., 1 1/2" blade with straight cutting edge; round handle. Popular for carving soft wood, plaster or plastic.
Hand Carving Knife
17 ga., 1 3/8" blade with slim shaped handle for greater balance when carving delicate pieces. Slight but strong.
Shop Knives- 11 Ga.
Very stout and rugged - 11 ga. steel, tapered, 2 1/8" blade ground to a straight cutting edge, full tang pinned to oak handle. Back of tang protrudes for prying or scoring.
Shop Knives- 13 Ga.
2 1/8", 13 ga. blade, tapered, ground to a straight cutting edge, full tang pinned to a Pakkawood handle. Useable for prying or scoring.
17 ga., 2 1/8" blade, taper ground diagonal cutting edge, sharp point and round handle.
Light Stencil
1", 17 ga. steel, small pointed blade, with long, oval shaped handle, balanced for light delicate work.
Hospital Plaster - Carver
1 1/2", 17 ga. steel small hook blade. Ideal for work a straight blade cannot do.
Pottery Knife
5 1/8", 15 ga. blade with sharply angled cutting edge and long straight back and sharp point. Blade is riveted to walnut handle.
3 Pallet Knife
3", 20 gauge steel, very flexible - round oval handle. Useful for mixing powdered and various other materials.

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